Who We Work With

Local Authorities

We work for Lewisham, Lambeth, Greenwich. Wandsworth, Southwark Borough Councils as an example and Housing Organisations such as Hyde Homes and others.

In the main we are used as specialists drawing from our experience and ability to deal with problems that must be dealt with efficiently and without loss of time.

Private Customers

We service Commercial and private properties and are always happy to discuss issues that may concern our prospective clients.

We offer an advice line which is presently well used it is free of charge and costs you your normal call rate only.

  • Flooded or damp cellars
  • Rat infestation problems
  • Leaking drains needing repair
  • Cat iron LCC pipes damaged need repair
  • Investigation of your problem
  • CCTV investigation if appropriate
  • Flooding gardens
  • Soak-a-way problems
  • Lost drains need to be found
  • Dampness